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Offering a full range of products, including R-134a, R-22, and blended material, with all sizes of cylinders from 340g cans to 2000lb cylinders.

WEITRON, INC. is a worldwide distributor of refrigerants for automotive, residential, commercial, and industrial air conditioning, and cold storage refrigeration applications.

We at WEITRON are focused on supplying quality product and providing the best service in the industry. Since 1992, WEITRON has grown from supplying locations around its Elkton, Maryland, USA headquarters to supplying customers all over the world. Over the course of these years, additional locations have opened across the United States and in China to better serve our clients.

WEITRON now ships to all fifty states as well as locations worldwide. Minority-owned and operated, WEITRON is a company managed exclusively by refrigerant industry experts with a tireless commitment to cutting edge technology, terrific service, and exceptional product.

WEITRON USA boasts an annual growth that exceeds 30%, and WEITRON CHINA has seen growth approaching 100%. Applications include automotive, residential, and commercial air conditioning applications, as well as use in cold storage refrigeration applications.