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Wi-fi enabled smart thermostats for residential and commercial applications that are intuitive to use and beautiful to look at

Ecobee is about improving everyday life, while creating a more sustainable world.

Ecobee believes our technology should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we partner with local housing organizations, cities, and NGOs to find effective ways to put our technology to work in the communities in need. A smart thermostat can mean saving on energy bills to those who need it most, without sacrificing the comfort of home.

Since 2018, our Income Qualified (IQ) program has distributed over 20,000 smart thermostats to improve comfort at home. Ecobee sees a place in your home as a privilege. We want to be welcomed in by solving everyday problems with comfort, security, and conservation solutions that work so well together, you invite us back again, and again. And the more homes we are in, the more we can do to help build a sustainable world.